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Our aim is to give your customers what they need, when they need it. We create AI automated chatbots (AI Conversation bots) to save your company time and money by improving your processes, your customer experience and your sales.

Think ahead and enter into the conversational area: get your own advanced chatbot

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Cost efficiency: Save up to 30% in customer support costs
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Sale Booster: Speed-up your selling process by enhancing the selling platforms
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Be accessible: Improve your customer experience by providing personalised information 24/7

Hu:toma's AI accuracy is 97%, far ahead from its main competitors: We know what's the deal

Hu:toma AI started thanks to a passionate team of machine learning that wanted to take a step ahead. We come from delivering projects for industry giants like Microsoft and Amazon.

Hu:toma AI has a Best in class performance as benchmarked by 3rd party tools: 

Our algorithm considers several signals which provide more accurate results than leading competitors.

Chatbots are here to stay.

  • Data management: Either for internal processes or for your customer support, chatbot technology can assess your data and organise smart answers. Stop looking for the answer, your chatbot can tell you.
  • Be accessible 24/7: Destroy the limits between your customer and your product by being accessible and accurate anytime.
  • Open new selling fronts: Close up your sales funnel and sell your product directly from your chatbot platform.
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Save up to 30% in support costs by implementing a chatbot in your company

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